It is reported that in about two years the LED strip light would be the first choice among the common families. This is a great challenge for people to accept the newest technology and abandon the traditional lighting tool. For our world it is a big lighting war, in other hand this is helpful for human being to build a more environment protecting society. Without anyone’s attentions, the high technology and energy-saving light join ordinary life and bring us so much joy. In the meanwhile, there is a big problem appearing but it is not easy to solve. In the past ten years, more than 90 percent families use the normal energy saving incandescent lights. At that time we thought the lamp would be the best one to take the place of the older one because it is bright for household use. With the technology developing, scientists in western countries produced different kinds of lighting used in commercial places. When common customers begin to feel interested in LED industry, they know the great features about flexible LED strip lights. There are several colors which are often installed in the wall of the hotel or restaurants or some other amusement places. People begin to think that it would be used in their house to make a good and nice home surrounding. They are good at appreciating the lighting effect. Then more and more people begin to adopt the LED lights into planning birthday party, Christmas, New Year and many other festivals. Since the range of application expands, people begin to believe the good functions of the great lights. The first sort of the outstanding light is LED fluorescent. It can be used in many places both the household and the commercial places. At a same period of time, the LED lighting can save four times of power than that of the common lights. But to people’s surprise, the price seems to be higher than the common one. Due to this reason most customers are not willing to choose the LED lights. It is not good for lighting market. With the help of the government, the manufactures reduce the cost of the producing and then the price gets lower than before. Even the 12V LED strip lighting is used in car make-up; however it would be used in many other places in about two years. We believe in that time LED light would be the first choice of most customers. The time the prices get down the main choice of lighting would be the first. Before you place an order about the led lighting, you may use a developing attitude to balance it. Most wise persons master the development direction and make full use of it very well.