There is a strange phenomenon that LED strip light sells very well in some European countries while it doesn’t sell well in Asia countries such as China. If the high technology products cannot be accepted by most customers in the world, for the inventor, it is a failure. As China is a big country with a huge number of populations, the market would be very big if possible. But how to make it a big potential market seems not easy for the manufactures to develop. Most businessmen still don’t know the reason why the LED light cannot sell well in China. Here are some hidden facts for those who need to understand to learn much about the Chinese market.


China is not totally developed country, in fact it is a developing country. In China, there are many poor families who live in the small villages and don’t have the ability to afford their kids’ tuition. What they care about is not choosing 12V LED strip lights or LED fluorescent, but the common vegetables or the western-style food. So the price of the light will be the most obstructive factor that would make people feels it hard to place an order both online or in the store. Even there are different kinds of LED light used for household and commercial places, but the price is much higher than people think. For the traditional Chinese, they would purchase the common light rather than the LED lighting.


People all know that China is a big country which it has many rich people and also a lot of poor ones. The special way for foreign manufactures to develop a big market is to make more commonweal publicity among different communities and cities. It is very important for them to know the good features and advantages of the flexible LED strip lights so that they may compare the original lamps with the new good LED lighting. For them it is a good challenge and they need to know the right marketing way to sell their products as fast as they can. As the marketing tools are not wise and good enough, the sellers cannot deal with the problems very well at the present because the cost is much more expensive and without the help of the government, it cannot be reduced.


Try to make the appearance and the quality good so that people can accept it easily. It is not easy for them to make the new products best seller. For the Chinese, the best sellers should be good and cheap with nice appearance. However, you may regard the usefulness.