How to order a LCD Digital Signage?
  • How to order a LCD Digital Signage? 

    LCD DIGITAL SIGNAGE: In general, we will determine our ultimate goal in accordance with the needs of the four following procedure.

    LCD Screen⇒Appearance Design⇒System Solution⇒Extended Functions

    A completed advertising player needs include the following:

    Part 1: LCD Screen/Panel According to the different uses, the screen of advertising machine is divided into four categories: ordinary LCD screen, bar screen, mirror screen and transparent screen. Each type has different sizes and parameters, so choose suitable LCD screen before purchase.

       What size is needed? Is a regular screen or a bar screen, mirror screen or transparent screen? 

      Part 2: Appearance Design Display In terms of design, first of all, from the environment of use, we can divide into two kinds: indoor and outdoor, and the interior styles are divided into floor standing styles and wall hanging styles, and because of the different production processes, there are various choices in styles.

        What styles are required: Floor-standing, wall-mounted, horizontal, etc. Of course, the style changes a lot, we accept the customer’s customization.
        1.  Digital signage Appearance
            Floor Stand  Items Wall Mount Items Outdoor Items Custom Style Items
          1. Part 3: Digital Signage System Solution System solution: at present, it is mainly divided into two parts, one is the underlying program, such as liuix, Android, Windows system, liuix is commonly used in the single version advertising machine, and runs independently. Android and Windows systems are commonly used in advertising machines that require network control and H5 touch responses.

            Digital signage operating system, Generally speaking, there will be a stand-alone version, Android network version and PC network version three kinds of options, of course, for the customer’s special requirements such as microcontroller and raspberry pie can also be customized


            Part 4:Extended functions With the development and updating of technology, the expansion of advertising machine has also made great progress, such as printers, face recognition systems, ID card recognition systems, human interaction sensing systems, and even AR, AI system integration functions have new progress.

              In extending functions: touch system: infrared touch, nano film touch, capacitive touch screen, body sensing system, ID card recognition system, face recognition system, etc.


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