Videos of Product display, Function Presentation and Tutorial & Tips of LED Display Screen.

*** How to install the Transparent Display Screen Back of the Window *** Irregular transparent LED display screen, sphere, cubic, circular, and cylinder transparent screens *** Transparent LED display screen for high fashion stores *** Transparent Sphere LED Ball Display Screen - much closer to the vastness of space !


***Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Transparent LED Mesh Display Screen


Out-of-Box Video for Step by Step Instruction to tell you how to get an LED Poster Digital Display be assembled and controlled by the smartphone. To control via a cloud platform, please check at Next Video. 2. Operation Manual Video of NovaStar VNNOX Cloud Platform
3 STEPs to Use the NovaStar VNNOX Clould Service Platform
Step 1: Register a VNNOX account,
Step 2: Bind the controller/terminal to the Server
Step 3: Login the Clould platform to publish the contents

3. mClear LED Transparent Display for Big Glass Window

New idea transparent LED display screen, P3.9-7.8 pixel pitch. Frameless in the middle, side-emitting LEDs used, high brightness up to 6000nits, enough for store glass window that faces street outside and has direct sunshine. Very elegant look.

4. How to install a LED display screen with LED display modules

Product in this video: P2.5 indoor LED display modules, Nova receiving card

5.  How to wiring the waterproof flexible LED Display Modules

Step to Step instruction to tell you how to wire the outdoor waterproof flexible LED display modules with NOVA receiving card and 5V MeanWell power supply.

6. Flexible LED Display Modules

Flexible LED Display Modules from P1.8,2.0,2.5,3.2,4.0,5.0, and 8.0mm pixel pitch, indoor bendable LED Display Tiles.

7. Transparent LED Screen for High-end Salon

MUSE series 3x2.5meter (10'x8.3') (mClear) Transparent LED Screen for Shop Windows LED Display, more than 5000nits

8. 30cm 3D Hologram Fan

9. Nova No Sending Card Operation

10. How to set up a 2x2 LCD video wall : step by step instruction