Original established in 2009, SHENZHEN HUAKE LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (own brand “HUAKE”) focus on commercial LED/LCD display products/solutions development, manufacturing and Int’l sales. Having been dedicated in this field for years, we have accumulated sufficient experience in LED Display, Digital Signage system. About us.

On this page, you can download the catalog of most of our LED display screens, and the relative User Manuals. 

If any interesting in our product or any projects need solution for LCD displays, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our sale representative will contact very soon.

 Catalog of LED Display Screens

  1.  LED Display Modules (Panels) 
  2.  Outdoor Flexible LED Display Modules (Panels)
  3.  Indoor Flexible LED Display Modules
  4.  Large Outdoor LED Display Modules (Panels)
  5.  Indoor and outdoor LED Sphere Display
  6.  LED Poster Display
  7.  AP Series Singe-side and Dual-side LED Poster Display
  8.  EPG GOB Surface Floor-standing LED Poster Display
  9.  Liftable and Foldable Flex LED Display Screen Kit
  10.  Rolling LED Display Screen and its Multiple Variants
  11. Self-sticking Transparent LED Film Screen for Glass
  12.  FI Series Outdoor LED sign solution for digital advertising display
  13.  HK Pro Indoor LED Display Screen (500x500 cabinets)
  14.  WA 500x500mm Rental LED Display Screen
  15.  HKN Outdoor LED Display Screen (750x1000, 750x500, 500x1000, 500x750)
  16.  HKC Outdoor LED Display Screen (960x960)
  17.  Fine Pixel Pitch HD Indoor LED Display Screen
  18. Flexible Transparent Holographic LED Film Display Screen
  19. Self-sticking Transparent LED Film Screen for Glass
  20. Transparent LED Display Screen (indoor and outdoor)
  21.  Outdoor Transparent LED Screen KP Series LED Mesh
  22.  Indoor Transparent LED Poster Display
  23.  aClear Transparent Display (Front emitting) YF:P3.91~P20
  24.  sClear Transparent LED Display (Side Emitting) YS:P3.91~P20
  25.  Frameless Unit Transparent LED Display AF P3.91
  26.  XR Virtual LED Display Studio Screen
  27. 3D Hologram Display Screen
  28. Outdoor Foldable LED Display Screen -Smart Plus Series P3.91, P5.2, P7.8, P10.4, P15.6
  29. Outdoor Foldable LED Display Screen -Smart T Plus Series P3.91-7.8, P7.8, P15.6, P37.5
  30. Indoor Foldable LED Display Screen  (P3.91 P5.2 P6 P7.8 )
  31.  Full Catalog of HUAKE LED Display Screens 

User Manual & Installation Instructions of LED Display Screens

  1. Installation Guide for Transparent LED Display Screens
  2. Assemble Instruction for EP series LED poster, video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2yTnATjJJM  and  https://youtu.be/w_OX2e19yaI?si=G11DgiWVz3x_dYVX
  1. Manual of LEDArt APP (HuiDu Control System Used for EPG LED Poster Display)     Instruction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2yTnATjJJM
  2. Manual of Viplex Handy APP ( Novastar Control System Used for EP LED Poster Display)
  3. Manual of EP2 Liftable and Lowerable LED Display Kit
  4. User Precaution for EP2 Liftable and Lowerable LED Display Kit