Start from 2009 as a small business till today, HUAKE produces and sell LED lighting and relative accesories for LED lightings for residential, commerical and industrials. 

On this page, you can download the LED lighting products that we are dealing with. Not all are listed, so if there are any lights that you're looking for, , please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our sale representative will contact very soon.

NOTE: The products on catalogs would be updated without notice.

Catalog of LED Lighting & Accessories

  1.  LED Aluminum Profiles 
  2. Silicon Neon Tube
  3. LED Ceiling Lights
  4. LED Panel Light
  5.  Catalog of LED Lighting (Full) 2022 -V6
  6.  Single color COB strip spec sheet
  7. UFO Shape LED Grow Floodlight 
  8.  E12 E14 LED Light Bulbs
  9.  LED Globe and LED Candle Light Bulbs
  10.  G4 G8 G9 LED Light Bulbs
  11.  LED Boat Light Bulbs
  12.  LED Car Signal Light Bulbs- BA15
  13.  LED Car Light Bulbs- T models
  14.  Smart LED Light Bulbs
  15.  Smart LED Spotlight and Candle Lights
  16.  LED Foutain and Pool Lights