No one would ever imagine that LED light can change the lighting history. It is a legend for many industrials that the LED strip light can be used everywhere now both in the household and commercial places. You would never believe that the special lighting can control the whole lighting world in the future. Here are some obvious symbols that we can know that it is changing our ordinary life. And in an optimistic opinion, we know that the lighting market will be enlarged and more customers will get the way to know led light and use it instead of the common incandescent lighting.


I still remember that when I was five years old most of families in China still used the lamp which needed some oil to fire. There were common lamps used in ordinary life but the electronic power was not enough for a huge population to use. When the power blacked out, we had to use the old lamp or candles to replace it. The light was not bright and we could even write the homework. You can hardly find the light we used before in the market now. Since the flexible LED strip lights join in our market, our house turn brighter and wider than before. In other word, it is the special light that changes our life.


Date back to ten years ago, only few families use energy-saving lights and those are called the rich. When night arrives, you would seldom see the white light in the village but all the light is yellow color. This is a difference between the rich and the poor. Actually at that time, the energy-saving lights could save more power than the common lights. But the price was higher than the latter one. This is a main reason that people don’t like to choose the energy-saving lamps. Now when LED fluorescent is produced, people begin to doubt whether it is as special as the advertisements tell. But then it is proved that it really do what it should do in our ordinary life. Depending on the saving energy, it is more environment protecting and people could accept it. But now the market is not big enough and it is still need time to develop a bigger market so that more customers can experience the nice led lights.


When you find the nice and bright lights installed in the public area such as the hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and many other places, you will be attracted by the attractive colors. This is the obvious feature of the 12V LED strip lights. Now people begin to develop more useful functions of the LED lights so that it can control the whole lighting market. Another advantage is that it can help save more energy for our society. As the 12V LED strip lighting is very good and flexible, businessmen begin to guide customers to use the light in other places. It is reported that in near future, the LED light would totally take the place of the whole lighting market. We are all looking forward to it.