How to choose a lighting product for household use is not easy any longer. Sometimes we think we can choose what we like and own what we need. But this potential law seems not efficient in choosing household lighting. People begin to know that LED strip light is more convenient in ordinary life and they all know the good features are amazing. Some customers even have already put the items into the cart, but they hesitate when they turns to the page of paying for their orders. More and more online customers name it eye-shopping and they cart are filled with some items related to the LED lighting.


What’s the main reason leading to such a hard situation? The bounce rate turns high and the close rate turns low. It is not good for businessmen to do their business. It is reported that most customers cannot accept the high price of flexible LED strip light. If they are not professional enough to know the advantages of LED light, they are not willing to pay more for household lighting than a common light. This is the main reason that leads to the downturn market. So in these years, it is hard for LED companies to develop fast without any help from the government.


Actually LED fluorescent is a good symbol standing by the high technology. It can save much energy and environment protecting. At the same time, strengthening the management of planning examination and approval and for the new government investment projects and public buildings, priority is recommended to use LED semiconductor lighting products. For example, in the future the new municipal roads, highways, tunnels, public finance, government agencies, stated-owned enterprises and institutions or state-owned capital investment of the construction of the public lighting area will speed up the use of semiconductor lighting products to replace traditional lighting products.


As most people see in many public places, the 12V LED strip lighting is the most popular because it is easy to install in any place you like. People like to use it to decorate their cars and then at night they can show their cute car on the road to enjoy the nice time. From the commercial use to the household use, people can experience the variety features and multi-functions. A good product should be according with customers’ need. So far, only those rich people know how to enjoy life with the high technology products. But it is not enough for the sellers. A successful businessman should produce many different kinds of items to make more people use his product.


So it will be a long war for the businessmen to control most common customers’ consumption sense. In a few years, maybe more than a half people in the world begin to use 12V LED strip lights to beautify their ordinary life.