No one would accept such an expensive LED light before they learn the real functions. It is first used not in house decoration. LED lighting is always an important project of national energy conservation and emissions reduction in recent years. There has been much success in the street lamp, commercial lighting, roads and shopping malls. Most of the flexible LED strip lights are used to decorate those public places. However, household lighting has always been a soft spot because not so many people would like to choose the LED lamp. This situation is expected to change in the future, in fact now it is changing. It is reported that the number of customers to buy LED lights has increased.


  LED strip light has become a new trend on April. The reporter interviewed a downtown store and found that several emerging market lamps and lanterns are slightly dominant. But in most stores or local hardware stores, LED light has played the same role as the common lighting. More and more customers are trying to buy it. During the interview, some sellers said that LED lighting is a new product and comparing with the common lights, it has a better lighting effect and can save more energy. We can take the 20 watts of LED light for an example. Its brightness is better than that of 40 watts common light and can save more than a half of the electricity. It has a longer life span and wins more people’s trust.


 According to the newest technology, we know that LED light source in the market at present is almost covering all the sources of the lighting needs. The LED lighting products contain lamps, LED fluorescent, absorb dome lights, crystal droplights, desk lamps and small night lights. It can satisfy many people’s need. Now more and more people know LED products and the good features are accepted by many customers.


 But there is a very cruel fact that many sellers need to solve. The price of the 12V LED strip lights seems higher than people’s mind. The sellers tell that different quality will have different price and materials. The high price makes many customers refuse using the LED lights. In those developed countries, people would choose the good light without knowing the details about LED. But in developing countries, the customers are still using the energy-saving lights and they think they can afford it. This is a hard and urgent problem for those sellers and manufactures need to solve. If the price can reduce with the help of the government, then people would buy LED lights rather than the common lighting.


Maybe it is time not to do some promotions now. But as the great demand of 12V LED strip lighting increases a lot, people would accept other related products. On that day, it will be a good chance for those sellers. China is a big market than many other countries in the world. It is reported that in about five years, every family would use LED lights but not the common lighting.