It is a hot topic that flexible LED strip light is a good light and it can be used in many places. There are many LED lights in the market and it is not easy for those common customers to choose a good one whether in the supermarket or the online stores. For those newbie about LED light, they may feel stranger to the various kinds of lighting. Here are some useful features for those who don’t know the characters.


 Sometimes the strip light which is flexible is waterproof but maybe there are non-waterproof. Any water dripping cannot tamper with the operation of illumination levels of these strips. They have a coating, which makes them resistant from, such destruction. And the light strip has a six feet wire that is attached to every strip. They produce light fragment from the sides and they are designed in such a way that light illuminates from either side. It is better than the rigid strip light and it has high lumens which makes them to produce very low heat. It makes the light safe and easy to handle.


We can divide LED light strip into two parts and separate them easily so that the customers would understand the use. The special feature of flexible one makes it easy to mount the LED strips on any surface. Then people can customize them to interconnect or reattach them to the require surfaces such as the wall, the car, the building and so on. It is unlike the other common light which has a limited use and only be used indoors. The application and installation is quite flexible and people only need a small space to install this lighting system. It is unlike the traditional lighting mechanism whereby it needs a very large space. This may be the obvious advantage. 

What’s more, the power consumption level is very low. The power supply quantity ranges from 9V to 14V. Even the LED fluorescent, it is energy saving and environment protecting. This is the main reason why it can be popular. They give people a bright illumination which you can rely on. The light doesn’t have any flickering or humming. Their lighting intensity is very instant. It has a longer life span than the common lighting because of the high durability levels. You needn’t replace or repair it for at least one time every year. The light is very decorative which offers several colors. It is loved in many people especially in amusement places. The businessmen use the lighting to attract more customers. Anyway this can be a good decorating light and it will not make you disappointed at beautifying your office or house.


Besides the household and commercial use, the light is also loved by many car lovers. 12V LED light strip has been a best seller in many countries especially the England and America. People think it is very cool when they drive a car on the road in the evening. This has been a fashionable trend to use the light. You will never feel regretted choosing it in your cart.