Last year every one said that it was the end of the world and we all prayed for the God to help us get through the big difficulty. Then it proves that everything goes well and we are still alive in the world and enjoy the happy life. The fact tells us that there is no end of the world if we obey the natural rules and try to protect the environment as possible as we can. Now as science and technology developing, people begin to pursue the green products such as green food without any chemical element. The greener the food is, the more expensive it would be. So the scientists are working hard to produce more environmental products to meet the need of all the customers. It is related to not only the food but also other electronics such as LED light strip.


 The advanced technology should be related to the fashion; otherwise it would be weeded out by customers. This seems a difficult problem for most scientists. However, with the creation of LED fluorescent, people begin to realize that there is still possible to buy the most environmental and high technology items. This kind of light gives hope to people all over the world. It adopts the best skills and special ways to make the light bright enough but use least power. Even though it is a new product in many Asian countries for household use, some scientists tell that the light would take place of the common lamps. At that time, we will take the full use of the resource and save more money. It meets the call of our government that protecting our environment is our first target if our nation would turn to a developed country.


 Since hundreds of years, human-beings have done a lot of things that are not good to our earth. It is hard to bear so much pressure coming from us. We ruin many beautiful mountains and build a lot of buildings. What we get in return is natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, tsunami etc. It is time for us to think of what we have done to our great mother earth. However, our society’s economic needs to develop and people’s eager to fashion could not change. Flexible LED strip light is a nice product for people to save energy and at the same time it can be a fashionable lifestyle. People often use it to decorate house or garden for improve festival atmosphere.


 There is rigid LED strip light which can often be used for commercial places decoration. Most advertisements are built by the rigid strip light and especially at night when people are off work, this would be a helper. We should accept the fact that our earth is elder than before, but we should still need to know that it is still hopeful for us to save our earth for the offspring. Life is still colorful if we try our best to do more useful things. To catch up the fashion bus of other country, people in Asia also produce the lights for cars. It is colorful and loved by many car owners. The 12V LED light strip is a good example which is environmental and energy saving. The end of the world will arrive in one day because of the natural rules but before it comes we have to be hopeful to accept any difficulty we meet in the society.