As the global LED market demand gets bigger, the LED industry in China will face with big opportunities. However, at present, it doesn’t have core technology and patent and this is basically monopolized by foreign and domestic enterprises in the hard way and move forward difficultly. With a huge population, this circumstance is not good for the LED development in China. It is a hard and important problem for us to solve. We all know that in the year 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games left us a strong impression. It is because of the LED light strip which can make so many electronic products show light at night.


 Actually, LED lights are everywhere in our ordinary life in China. In the year 2009, the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade on Tiananmen Square, so many people came to see it. What attracts people most is the magical picture color screen coming from a company which creates high technology products. And people still remember the year 2010 when the World Expo was held in Shanghai. At that time, the ten thousand square meters of semiconductor led screen was displayed with other flexible LED strip light. We can tell that this is a good prospect for us to know the future of LED lights in China.


 Hidden behind all the outstanding works, there are many scientists trying to develop a good product with patent. Reporters find that more than half of a small number of the global of LED technology and patents are from large companies in the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries. They used LED fluorescent much earlier than us and they begin to create many other related products. But this product seems not loved by people in many developing countries including China. It is not good for Chinese science and technology to catch up with other developed countries.


 From the 12V LED light strip to the decoration lights, people in those developed countries have already enjoy the good experience of it. From the environment protection, we know that this lighting is more energy saving and it can save us more money even the cost now is higher than other common lights. Chinese lighting has made a great progress in the past years, but this is not enough. We must break the surrounding that the LED patents are owned by others to achieve a long-term development.

Nowadays we still use others’ products and it is not useful to make money in our own nation even we have a bigger population than other countries. In fact, LED industry started in 1970s, and after forty years of development, has been formed in several big cities. More and more people begin to know its advantages and use it instead of other common lights. But it limits to the rigid led strip light and don’t have a breakthrough. What we need to do is make a big difference and try to create our own featured lights. What means much is to satisfy the need of so many customers, not only the price but also the functions.