As more and more led lights joining the market in the world, people would feel confused about choosing a good household lighting. We all know that LED light consists of several types and LED fluorescent is the most common one. However, besides it there are many other kinds for us to select. If you don’t know their usefulness and advantages, you may waste a lot of money. Here is some helpful knowledge for you to be a wise customer.


First, you should know the square of the room and how many lights would be suitable. For instance, the LED light strip is convenient and welcomed for many household using. With the special features and colorful lights, people often want to use it for their house. But there is an important point that they have ignored. It is the functions. Flexible LED strip light is usually used in hotels, wine bar, café and some other amusement places. Its main features are decorating the atmosphere to get the affects of beautifying their commercial destinations. If you don’t live in your house often and just want to own the basic usefulness of lighting, then you had better not choose one for your own house. If you are a person who likes to have parties at your own home, it is necessary for you to order some online and try to use them in the first month.


Rigid LED strip light is the most popular house decoration lighting. Even decoration light looks luxury and shining, but the lifetime maybe shorted than the common rigid light strip. And in some way the light strip can be more friendly environmental and energy saving. The rigid one is not easy to be folded but you can install it and fix in any place you like indoors. When you select the strip light, you need to know whether it is waterproof or not. Since the waterproof light can be used outdoors such as the garden and park. If you have a strong demand of the brightness, it is probably not the best choice for you because the strip is a kind of decoration light and it is not bright enough.

The features of LED light depend on the chip. While the price and brightness is related to the LED chip. Different lights with chip may influence the price and usefulness. You should take all the related factors into consideration so that you may make your house renovation perfect. People often use 12V LED light strip which is built in different colors and may meet your need in different occasions. There are several reasons that can lead to LED light don’t work. LED lights packaging protection is not perfect, cause in the process of transportation collision and damage of the lamp bead. LED lights of the welding point has a virtual welding appearance, carrying the sensation in the process of formation of solder joint fallen off and caused the light not bright. The device cannot be distorted, if distortions can fall form with solder joints. Be careful with these detailed and you will have a nice experience with the special lighting.