Most photographers are puzzled about how to taking nice and special photos to attract people’s interest. It seems that this is a difficult problem for the beginners. But for every one, it is easy to judge and appreciate whether a photo is good or not. People all like special and beautiful pictures just like the beauty and good car. Believe it or not the beauty often works well than an ugly one especially for public job. It is no longer an easy problem that taking photos depending on the photography skills, but it is a new way to take full use of the helpful equipment such as LED light strip.


 For a car exhibition, many car companies show their nice and newest car together with some nice pretty women. It effects well from vision and can often urge people to buy the car. This potential rule can also be used in photography. If you have a good DSLR camera and some useful 12V LED light strip, you will beautify your car perfectly especially in the big hall in the evening. Dress the beauty up with some sexy clothes and then you will try to make full use of all the resource you have owned to take photos. Believe that every one likes beautiful people and it attracts people’s attention much more than normal ones. Anyway, some useful accessories will be good to your promotion.


 Besides the beautiful girls, you can also choose some 3D background which can be attractive in vision. Take some pictures for the waterfalls and the flexible LED strip light can help you build a living surrounding so that you can make everything in front of you look gorgeous. It will get a high mark if you master the view you choose. Or you can go to a big and splendid building to get the picture. You climb on the top of the building and focus your camera under you. All the landscape can be caught. This is a great idea for the photographer who is good at taking photos at night. As the night landscape is beautiful and the lights are colorful.


 If you want to show your photos more luxury, you can decorate your house with some rigid LED strip light. Sometimes it means much by using a great light. You should be smart to use the light you own and don’t abandon your insert feeling about the photos. The outdoor scenery is a good chance for you to catch the best picture. When the sunrise comes out, you can take a chance to take photos for the sun. The beautiful scenery of the sea is also a nice shot. You can go to some famous places to take photos. Sometimes the beautiful scenery can give people an amazing enjoyment.


 If you decide to take photos for kids, then remember to turn on the LED fluorescent. You know kids are not fond of dark especially the darkness in the studio. There are many special skills for you to master. It is not a short time for you to know all, but you need to catch the right feeling by yourself. All these ways are helpful for you to increase the fame of your photos. Any one would be taken into consideration.