It turns to a surprise that LED strip light turn to be the main trend of household lighting. Nowadays more and more people like to make full use of their house design and decorate it with different flowers and lights. The common lights contain several kinds and so do the LED lights. If they are used to decorate their house, it is necessary to learn their features first. Usually a house contains kitchen, rest room, drawing room, dining room, balcony and bedroom. Different places have various needs to the lighting and furniture. So it is important to choose the lights.


 For the kitchen, it should be bright enough so that you can see clearly to make the dinner. Besides the LED fluorescent, some other strip lights are needed to install in the corner of the wall. LED spotlight turns to be one of the best sellers as it can make the light throw wide enough to guarantee the whole room is bright. What’s more the multicolored feature can meet most people’s need to design their kitchen as a big and nice restaurant. A good mood can help people work more efficiently. Any one who lives in a nice and comfortable place can work best.


 The rest room is the most comfortable place for people in their own house. They don’t need to wait in a queue for a long time and smell the disgusting feel in the public place. It becomes a popular space for them to do what they want. The lights can change a little comparing with other rooms. 12V LED strip lights would be perfect for the rest room and it should be waterproof.  Only the waterproof one can be installed in the rest room. When you have a bath, it is necessary for you to do some measures to guarantee your safety. People like the lights with several colors when they take a shower. LED light is their best choice.


 Usually the television is put in the drawing room. The wall of the television is a best place for people to renovate. The flexible LED strip lights are used here often. People often choose a light color to beautify the wall so that the whole room would look special and nice. The color of the wall should be according with the house. Actually the drawing room is the best and special place for the whole house. It is a hot topic when talking about the house renovation. There are many special house styles for you to follow.


  It is necessary to install 12V led strip lighting in the bedroom. If you are used to wake up in the midnight, you will be quiet in order not to wake up your partner. The flexible strip light can help to give bright light and you don’t need to turn on your main lighting in the room. LED lights seem so special and good for house renovation and decoration. It is ener