Track lights are easy to meet various decoration design demands, and widely used in commercial occasion. To prolong it's life span, do you know about how to maintenance your track light?

Please keep reading this article, we listed 3 points for you.


1. Do NOT switch on and off your track lights so frequently.

When using led track light lamp do not frequently switch as far as possible, because the lamps and lanterns at the instant of the frequent start, through the filament current is greater than the normal work of electric current, the filament temperature rise sharply accelerated sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, so try to reduce the number of lamps and lanterns of led track light switch.

2. Do NOT change the structure of your track lights while maintaining.

When doing cleaning maintenance,   should pay attention to don't change the structure of the lamps and lanterns, also don't replace the lamps and lanterns of led track light inside some of the parts, at the end of the cleaning maintenance, should install lamps and lanterns as original packing according to the sample, No wrong parts and missing the parts of lamps and lanterns.

3.Replace lamps and accessories in time if needed.

According to the sign of source parameters in a timely manner to replace aging lamps, once both ends of the lamp is red, black or dark, keep flashing but never turn bright and steady on, should be timely replacement led track light lamp, prevent unsafe phenomenon such as ballast burn out.

It's time to replace traditional chandeliers with track lights!