Ten characteristics

The most ideal LED light source to replace the traditional light source, it has been widely used. Summary of its ten features:

  1. Energy saving: LED automobile lamp is a cold light source, overall power consumption is low, the power consumption is less than –W,over 70% of energy than traditional light source.
  2. Environmental protection: no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, which is no heat, no radiation, glare small, and waste recycling, no pollution does not contain mercury element, safe to touch, belongs to the green lighting light led source typical.
  3. Long life: lamp body also does not have the loose part, there is not failure such as filament luminous easy to burn, thermal deposit, light disadvantages, at the right current and voltage, the service life of up to 6-100000 hours, long life is 10 times more than traditional light sources.
  4. High brightness, high temperature resistant
  5. Small volume
  6. Good stability, strong shock resistance: resin package, not easy to break, easy storage and transportation.
  7. Luminous with high purity, bright color, without shade filter, optical error within 10 nanometers.
  8. Fast reaction speed, without hot start time, within microseconds can be luminous, traditional glass bulbs with 0.3 second delay, can prevent rear-end collision
  9. The meaning of limit parameters

   (1). Allow led power Pm: allowed to add in LED power ends of positive DC voltage and the current through it is the product of the maximum. This value is exceeded, an LED heating, damage.

   (2). Maximum DC forward current IFm: allows the maximum DC forward current. More than this value can be damaged diode.

   (3). Maximum reverses voltage VRm: allow plus the maximum reverse voltage. This value is exceeded; a luminous diode may be a breakdown

   (4). Led environment top: light-emitting diodes working environment temperature range. Below or above this temperature range, the light emitting diode cannot work normally, the efficiency is greatly reduced.

  1. The meaning of electrical parameters

   (1). The spectral distribution and peak wavelength: a light emitting diode of the light is not a single wavelength.

   (2). Luminous intensity of IV: light emitting diode luminous intensity is usually fingering LED line direction on the luminous intensity (on cylindrical luminous tube refers to its axis). If in the direction of radiation intensity for the (1/683) W/Sr, then led 1 Candelas (symbol CD). Because of the general LED luminous intensity luminous intensity of two small, so the common Candela (MCD) as the unit.

    (3). Spectral half widthΔ λ: it expresses the spectral purity of the luminous tube. Refer to peak intensity corresponding to between the two wavelength interval.

    (4). Led half value angleθ 1/2 and perspective: θ 1/2 refers to the luminous intensity values to the axial intensity values of half of the direction and luminous axial ( normal ) angle. Half value angle of view 2 times ( or half power angle )                                                                                       

 (5). Forward current If: it refers to the light-emitting diode illuminating positive current value. In actual use should be selected according to IF in the 0.6· IFm

    (6). Forward voltage VF: parameters are given in the table working voltage is given in the forward current under the. Generally in the IF=20mA when the measured. Light emitting diode forward voltage VF at 1.4~3V. In the outside temperature, VF will drop。

    (7). V-I characteristics : led the relationship between voltage and current, the forward voltage is smaller than a certain value ( called threshold ), current is small, no light. When the voltage exceeds a certain value, the forward current with voltage increases rapidly, led. From V-I curves can be drawn led forward voltage, reverse current reverse voltage and other parameters. Positive light emitting tube reverse leakage current of IR<10 μA.

The advantages and disadvantages of LED lamp

  1. The advantages of LED lamp.

      (1). Long life, generally up to tens of thousands of and even one hundred thousand hours. Some people think that if the automobile lighting lamp using the LED in the future, the car uses term will not replace lamps.

(2). High efficiency, low energy consumption. LED light source do not need color can directly produce automotive lamps need red, amber and other colors, no loss, high energy utilization ratio of more than 80%.

(3). High quality light, belonging to an environmental protection product basically no radiation, " green light ".

(4). LED structure simple, internal support structure, all round with transparent epoxy resin sealing, good seismic performance

(5). Light without delay, bright light response speed (nanosecond level), suitable for fast moving objects using.

(6). For low voltage work, completely can be applied in the car.

(7). LED occupies a small volume, the designer can easily transform lighting mode, make of car styling versatility. Automobile manufacturers favor LED, LED the advantages of itself is completely determined

 2. The disadvantage of LED lamp

(1). High cost, of LED reversing lamp for example, an LED reversing lamp of nearly 30 yuan, and a light bulb price is only 3 yuan, which is part of the LED lamp cost. High prices lead to ordinary cars loaded LED lights, the market cannot be popularized.

(2). LED automotive headlamp popularizes difficulty, heat is not good, easy decay heat treatment. Effects of lamp service life.

(3). Now no issued the industry standard, product quality is uneven.

(4). Optical design of a little difficult.

(5). Not suitable for long time lighting, if long time lighting should consider simple thermal design.

(6). Repair in a poor performance

(7). Point light source makes a light appearance and we used to light bulb has certain gap, the person's acceptance challenged

The development prospect of LED lamp

     Car LED lights in the domestic automotive use rate of less than 1%, and there is a large gap between the car LED lights up to 30% utilization of Switzerland and other countries. LED lamps and lanterns in the Chinese market development at present the main resistance is cost problem. LED chip production technology is very difficult, high threshold, crystal growing process of temperature, humidity, power supply, cleaning requirements is very strict, the initial need to invest huge sums of money to build a factory.

  1.     The current LED chip mainly from our country Taiwan, occupy the LED 47% of the market, while in mainland China LED plant for the resin package processing, chip required substantial imports cause the main reason with the exorbitant cost.
  2.     The domestic automobile industry manufacturers and consumers of LED lamp is not enough awareness, accustomed to the use of LED lamp and the traditional lamp cost comparison, the influence of LED lighting industry the rapid pace of development, at the same time, also contributed to some of the factory-processing enterprises based on the lowest quality inferior product mixed with the LED lamp Market。

The manufacturing of LED automobile lamp main manufacturers: Philips Lighting, lighting technology, Cheng Department of photoelectric.. And many other professional manufacturing companies. As the LED technology unceasing renewal and LED lighting technology development status and trends, China's LED high brake lamp will further popularization, steadily falling prices, LED brake lamp, the steering lamp and the fog lamp start commercialization, LED auto lamps to personal and artistic direction, while LED intelligent control system also will be rapidly developed.

The current global automotive lighting lighting source of traditional accounted for the total output of about 10%, so the car market is the most favored LED lighting market segments. At present, LED has been applied to the inside and outside the automobile, especially on car interior lighting, color LED applications has been very mature, such as dashboard lights, backlight lighting switch, auto reading lamp or a head-up display system; automobile outside, mainly is the combination of type LED tail lights, brake lights, such as steering lamp, stop lamp . 

   Experts think, to 2013, all global automotive taillights above 95% will use led tail light. LED car taillight whole market scale will reach 2300000000 yuan of annual output value. 

 In addition, automobile taillights future market will also change. The European market demand will no longer be exuberant, 80% of global automotive LED tail light products to sell to the Middle East, South America and other emerging markets. The car taillight market share From South Asia, Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East and other emerging markets will increase in doubled.