LED Car light

LED car light is referred to using LED (light emitting diode) lights as the light source. For LED with high brightness, color variety, low power consumption and long life characteristics, LED is widely used in automobile industry.

1.   External light type

     Common external lights: headlamps, fog lamps, license plate lights, reversing lights, brake lights, turn signals, position-indicating lights, clearance lamp, parking lights and warning lights and daytime running lights, The external light color of performing special tasks vehicles is generally white, orange, yellow and red; Such as fire engines, police Cars, ambulances, emergency rescue vehicles, Using has a priority right of passage for the red, yellow or blue flashing warning lights. The vehicle shall participate in the safety inspection and comprehensive testing; ensure external lamps and lanterns of complete and valid.

(1). Headlamp commonly known as "headlight," mounted on both sides of the head, used for lighting front road. There are two light systems, four lamp system of the points, Four lamp system headlamps side by side installs, are mounted on the outside of a pair of should be near, upper beam double beam light. The high beam is commonly 40-60 w, dipped headlights general 35-55 w.

(2) Fog lamps mounted on the car head or tail, In the case of fog, snow, heavy rain or dust diffuse, used to improve front road lighting conditions. LED front fog lamps power of 3-5W, light color is orange. Rear fog lamp power 3W or 5w, light color is red as a warning to trailing vehicles to keep a safe distance.

(3) LED license plate lamp mounted above or to the left and right sides of the rear of the car license, the license used for lighting after power 1-2W, ensuring pedestrian car to see the text and numbers on the license.

(4) LED down lights installed in the rear of the car, when the Transmission hanging reverse, automatic shiny, lighting car rear, at the same time warning the rear of vehicles and pedestrians pay attention to safety. Power is generally 2-5W, light color is white.

(5) Commonly known as “LED brake lamp brake lamp ". Installed in the tail of the automobile. In the brake pedal is trodden down, a strong red, a break. Power of 2 5W, color is red, shade display area after the position-indicating lights. In order to avoid the trailing large cars on car collision risk, car rear window can be arranged by the light emitting diode rows display brake lamp (with LED lights) .

(6) LED turn light Lord turn light general installation in car head, left or right side of the tail, to indicate that vehicle trend. Car side intermediate equipped with side turn light. The Lord turn light power is usually 1-3 w; side turn light to 2 w, light color is straw color. Turn, the lights are flashing form, frequency regulation for 1. Sic. 5 Hz, starting time is not more than 1.5 s. In an emergency distress shape need to pay attention to avoid the other vehicles, all turn light can through the dangerous alarm lamp switch on at the same time flicker.

(7) LED positioning lamp is also called " width lamp ", " location light ", mounted at the front of the vehicle, the back and sides, driving at night with the headlights, positioning lamp, instrument lights and lamps and shiny, to mark the vehicle shape etc.. Power is generally 0.5W-2W. Front position lamp commonly known as "little lights ", color is white or yellow, rear position lamp commonly known as the " tail ", light color is red; lateral lamp light amber.

(8) LED marker lamp is commonly known as “angle beacon ", no-load car high above 3M vehicles shall be installed with the contour light, marking vehicle contour. The contour light power is generally 3W.

(9) Parking lamp is arranged in the front and rear sides of the front and rear of the vehicle, from the 150m distance can confirm signal lights, front office requirements of color to white, the tail of the vehicle for the ride. Night in the car, parking light switch on the vehicle will mark of form and position.

(10) Warning lights are generally placed on the top, used to indicate the vehicle special type; power is generally 5 - 10W. Fire truck, ambulance police car with red, blue, rotate speed of 2 per second to 6 times; the bus and taxi to white, yellow. Taxi empty marking lamp on the instrument, power of 3 6W, color is red, white.

(11)LED daytime running lamp mounted in front of the daytime running lights, is to make the vehicle during the day when running more easily recognized. Its efficacy is not to make the driver can see the road, but in order to let people know there's a car coming. This lamp is not light, but a signal lamp. Of course, with daytime running lamp can make the car look cool, even more dazzling, but daytime running lamp for maximum efficacy, is not beautiful, but the vehicle was identified. Before the 2011 Europe compulsory motor vehicle daytime running lamp, LED will be more widely used in automobile.

2 .Types of interior lights.

The common internal lamp has a lamp, reading lamp, luggage compartment lights, lantern, stoplight, instrument lights, work lights, instrument panel alarm indication lamp.

(1) Lamps for cars and trucks are generally set up a lamp, except for car interior lighting, can also be used to monitor whether the door closing. Under the monitoring door state, as long as there is no reliable door shut, the lamp shines. Power is generally 0.5-2W, bus lamps have to fluorescent lamp development trend.

(2) The reading lamp is installed in the front or top of occupant seats, condensing when the occupant reads a book will not produce glare, a smaller lighting range, there still has the direction of the optical axis regulating mechanism.

(3) The luggage compartment lights installed in the car or the bus luggage compartment, when opening the luggage-compartment lid, lamp automatic shiny, light up the luggage compartment space. Power 1.5W.

(4) Door light arranged in a car outside door inner bottom, open the door when the door light shine, to sign later, pedestrian, vehicle running. Power is 5W, color is red.

(5) The stepping lamp is mounted on the large and medium-sized passenger car occupant door steps. When open passenger doors at night will illuminate the pedal.

(6) The instrument lights mounted on the front and back of the dashboard, used to illuminate the instrument pointer and scale plate, power 0.5W. The instrument lighting generally parallels with the position-indicating lights, license plate light. Some automotive instrument lights luminous intensity can be adjusted.

(7) Alarm and indicator light common are oil pressure warning light, the high water temperature alarm lights, charging indicator light, turning lights, high beam indicator, alarm lights are usually red, yellow, and light is usually green or blue color.

(8) Work Light vehicle maintenance can be moved using a lorry low voltage lighting tool, the power supply from the automotive generator or battery. General power is 21W, often with hooks or clamps; there are a cigarette lighter plug and two column plugs.

LED lights to light-emitting diodes directly by the electrical energy into light energy, equivalent to only 1/10 of the traditional lamp bulb power consumption compared with ordinary cars, saving fuel consumption, protect the car circuit is not burned out by excessive load current.