What is a pixel? How to define it?

Generally a pixel can be rendered as a unit of displaying pictures or videos in front of viewers. or actually the smallest element for picture, if we need more pictures, that means more original representations will be necessary part, all of these small dots will make up the final display, and you must be in doubt that why you are going to define a pixel as a picture, because the pixel can be one color at one time, and also is too small to be seen individually, and next we are going to give you the second question.

How many pixels of a image will be able to be seen clearly rather than in foggy dots? Each pixel can be determined by the number of colors in which all bits of dots blending together to represent it, for example, for various aspects, you need to know how many of pixels to be displayed in a image as we called pixel density, at 16-bit color depth, you may be able to see 'Led-Lights' not in a smooth, clear picture, what else if we set at 32-bit color depth? Unless you have your pixel density setting at a higher level, you will not get the best quality at 16-bit approach.

The more bits per pixel (bpp) you have described for a picture, the more excellent representation it can be able to produce. Learn about the pixel basics, to know the array of pixels make up of LED display, pixel pitch, lighting brightness or in poor brightness, optimal viewing distance, for such issues the explanation of what a pixel is and maximizing your comfort of viewing. Anyway, the article about the pixel is not described in details as you can expect, and we are going to make some fix at a time and we hope it may be able to tell some points already, some pics are quoted from web, if violated to your property, contact with us directly!