To enhance your backyard a welcoming glow and make your kids enjoy the happy living, we are carrying a series of instructions about the outlet of the light fixtures, the procedure step by step, not getting tangled with the light route, building your garden lights gradually, and more details will be revealed in associate with different types of garden decorative lights, thank you in advance for tuning in.
a. Determine the location of fixture and transformer to design enough capacity to support the whole consumption of wattage for overview, measure each fixture’s location to the next, and lay out the wires in a trench.  Notice the typical low-voltage transformer’s cable running in a farther distance apart for safety.
b. Electrical connections suggestion, simply we recommend the T Hub – cable running to a centralized zone and then tapping off to fixtures, a hub is basically a T within a direct burial splice containment, positive: Equalizes voltage and removes the error of over exposure at the first few lights, negative: Uses more wire.
c. Install the lights fixture and for the final test, push the fixture’s stake into the ground till the top of the stake is flush with the ground, have a look at the fixture to make sure it’s not tilted to one side, turn the power back on and test all fixture are working properly.