It is reported recently that the price of LED lights gets down in the latest three years, but the main  trend is still the energy saving lamp.This seems not good to the led light.We all know that the 80 percent of the energy saving lamps are made in China. It is cheaper than the LED lamps in the cost. This is the main  reason why the energy saving lamp can play an important role in the market. But for those businessmen who deal with the business of LED fluorescent, it is not hopeful to make money in these years.


This phenomenon tends to be opposite in European and American countries. LED light strip is considered as the main lighting tool especially for decoration in most families and factories. It can not only work in high power and long time but also can save much more money than the common energy saving money. Well,we all know that Asia is a big market for businessmen to do their business since it has a huge population and it owns the biggest number of customers. Energy saving lamp is now playing an important role in the market in Asia. This is not good for people in European countries to start their business.


Some people have found the potential market of 12V LED light strip while others still speak highly of the common lights. It is no longer a commercial war of price but a good plan of developing our society. Since more and more people pursue wonderful life with many beautiful things. LED lights can satisfy their needs and give them a new world of lighting. Some experts say that it will be the main trend of the world in lighting in a few years since it is a more environment friendly light which can save more energy.


Life in American seems more free and colorful than other countries. People would like to make full use of their house to have a big party. They are fond of decorating house with different lights especially the flexible LED strip light which can be easily folded along the tress and flowers in their garden. On Christmas Eve, they like to use different LED lights to beautify their house and then they will be free to dance and sing with their friends and families. The LED strips can be suitable for house decoration on different festivals such as birthday, Christmas and New Year. Everyone enjoys having a party because it can help them  relax. In other word, LED lights have a good market in those countries.


However, the rigid light strip is also useful for outdoor decoration especially for commercial places. It is often used in hotel,restaurant and many other amusement park. We can guess that the LED lights will take place of the common lights in the future soon because of its energy-saving quality. And the most popular light will be the LED strip which can also be decorated for the cars.