1. LED rigid light strips are assembled with PCB hard boards. The advantage of the hard light bar is that it is relatively easy to fix, and it is convenient to process and install; the disadvantage is that it cannot be bent freely and is not suitable for irregular places. The LED rigid strip bar has 30 LEDs,36 LEDs, 60 LEDs 72 LEDs, and 120 LEDs and support customized.


2. Flexible LED light strips are assembled with FPC circuit board, assembled with patch LED, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy space; the general specification has 30 LEDs, 60 LEDs, 120 LEDs, 240 LEDs etc., different users have different specifications. And it can be cut at will, or it can be extended at will and the illumination is not affected. The FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded and wound freely, and can be moved and stretched in three dimensions without breaking. It is suitable for use in irregular places and small spaces, and because it can be bent and wound arbitrarily, it is suitable for arbitrarily combining various patterns in advertising decoration.