Every one may live at least one house since he was born, so house renovation means much for every common people including those famous stars. It is because that every one has a strong will to build a nice and warm home which can make them comfortable. House renovation has been a new and popular industrial in every country including some small cities. Before renovating, people may try to imagine many kinds of effect diagram of their house. There are three factors which can play an important role in the whole process. They are the renovation style, the furniture and the lights. Lights contain several sorts and led light strip will be the first choice if people want to make their house beautiful. Now there are many details for you to take into consideration if you want to save much money and make the best work.


 You had better install more power outlet as much as possible, or the drag strip will be here and there in your house. This would be very dangerous if it is not dry in the floor. It is necessary for you to install a LED fluorescent in the lift, or your kids and the old people can be easily to stumble. Before you buy a lot of lighting, you should consider that whether the lights would be used as often as you thought. Some luxury lights may waste you much money and you won’t use it often. If you stay at home every day and like to watch TV, you can put more attentions to your living room and decorate it with some useful lights. People may like to decorate the television wall as it would be the point of the whole house. So you had better make all the colors coordinate so that your house looks tidy and clean.


  However, the color of your floor is also important. It is not necessary to choose the same color all of the rooms. The floor in your living room and bedroom can be slightly light so that the ash is not easily to see. But the floor in your kitchen should be slightly deep. If hairs and dustbin are seen everywhere in the kitchen, then your kitchen would look very dirty. To show the kitchen cleaner, it is wise for you to install the rigid LED strip light there. The color can be white. As the rigid strip light can change colors if you like, this is also a featured lighting for living room decoration. But if you don’t like to have a party in your house often and you seldom invite your friends to your house, then you don’t need to install it. You may forget that you have such kind of strip until someone reminds you one day.


  Remember to build a cabinet in your washing room as you may often forget to take your clothes when you are taking a shower. It is good to put your clothes in the cabinet and you will never worry about that you don’t take your tidy clothes. It is also necessary for you to install a waterproof light in the washing room in case that the water cut down all the power. If you are a person who likes to plant some flowers in the garden, then you can buy the flexible LED strip light to enjoy it when you want to relax after supper. In short, you may take many related factors into consideration when you decide to renovate your house. It is not an easy thing, but you will get much happiness after everything is ready.