Margaret Thatcher, the controversial “Iron Lady” who dominated a generation of British politics and won international acclaim for helping to end the Cold War, has died following a stroke. She died on April, 8th, 2013. She was 87 years old. It is a pity for many countries in the world that they lose such a great woman leader. Many great presidents come to join her mourning ceremony. The all hall is decorated with LED strip light. It is grand but makes people feel so sad. World leaders come to pay tribute to Britain’s only woman premier. She has polarized for eleven years in office. She made a lot of contributions to her nation and even the world.


 Even the soft light of different flexible LED strip lights beautifies the ceremony nice and amazing, people all feel saddened. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II said she was sad by Thatcher’s death while Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament for a special tribute session, but mining leaders and Irish republicans said she left a disastrous legacy. It is her who saved Britain. A somber Cameron cut short a trip to Europe and flew back to London after the news of her death broke. When taking about the great woman’s death, people feel so sad and speak highly of her. The leader of America said it will be a memorial day of her death because of her great works.


  Margaret Thatcher’s spokesman Lord Tim Bell said she died peacefully following a stroke in the morning and she was staying at the Ritz Hotel in Londonwhen she died. The LED fluorescent threw warm white light and it was so quiet. The red white and blue Union flags flew at half mast over Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the prime minister’s Downing Street official residence, while mourners left flowers outside Thatcher’s house. What the great woman took away is people’s love and respect.


 Her body was quiet and left on the beautiful bed decorated with flowers and 12V LED strip lights. We know she was a great leader once and she would be kept in the world history. She paid too much effort to the politics of her nation. Unlike other common women, she didn’t have time to enjoy the nice world and stay with her family. What she often did was busy with the work to make her people live happier. For others, her death is a pity and sad event in the world. But maybe she would take a long rest. The great woman really left us and to be a real woman forever.


 After the mourning ceremony, she would be sent to another place. Her coffin will rest in the Houses of Parliament the night before and will be taken through the streets on a gun carriage to the cathedral. It is reported that the former premier has herself requested that she did not receive a state funeral, knowing that it would prove divisive. Without 12V LED strip lighting, the car looks simple but solemn. What people could remember about her is her works and her great spirit.