There are many factors that can affect the quality and make big difference in pricing of the LED Tubes.

#1 Driver used


The design of the driver takes a very important role in the tube pricing.

The simple linear power is easier in design and cheap. The constant current driver is more complicated and reliable design. And again there is the isolated driver and isolated driver, which cause difference too. For cased the tubes are easy to get access by people is better to use the isolated driver which is much safer.

#2 Housing material used


The housing for tubes, there are Aluminum housing + PC lens, all plastic housing, glass housing.

The Aluminum Housing is the best, for it helps the LED heat dissipation. And again, the weight of the Aluminum Housing will cause a difference in prices.

The heavier aluminum housing is more firm and not easy to deform.

#3 LED Components used, the luminous efficiency, CRI


The LEDs are available in different level brightness, like 80LM/W, 100LM/W, 130LM/W or 150LM/W and more. The brighter, the more expensive.

But it's not the brightest the best, please choose the one that fit for your case. For example, if used in warehouse/aisle, you do not expect to get too much brightness.


High CRI LED will give much better vivid colors, which is widely used in ART gallery, Jellewery Store, or similar application.

The CRI80 is the frequently-used one for general lighting.