How to install the downlight?
1. Check the instructions of the downlight, find the size of the downlight that needs to be installed, and determines the size of the opening that needs to be installed when the downlight is installed.
2. According to the size of the opening, use a measuring device to make a mark on the wall or ceiling to be installed, and use a small hand saw to open the hole. This step requires the technique to be very skilled, otherwise, it is easy to damage the wall or ceiling. If you are not familiar with the operation, you can contact the lamp installer to open the hole.
3. Connect the reserved power cord to the downlight according to the specifications of the power supply.
4. Adjust the wing nut for fixing the downlight so that the height of the reed is the same as the thickness of the wall or ceiling. Insert the downlight spring clip vertically into the opened hole.

5. The spring clips on both sides of the downlight are unfolded. The card needs to be installed on the back side. Finally, the bulb is replaced to complete the installation of the downlight.