How to choose the beam angle and color temperature of the downlight? 
First, select the beam angle: In order to achieve a good light effect, we must choose the angle of illumination.
1, if it is required to flood, the angle of choice needs to be larger, such as 90 degrees, 120 degrees.
2, if it is concentrated, choose a smaller angle, such as 15 degrees, 30 degrees.

3, if you are not sure, you can choose some practical angles, such as 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees.

Second, choose the color temperature: In order to achieve the desired lighting effect, the purchase of lamps must confirm the color temperature. Generally speaking, the color temperature of household lamps is warm white (3000-3500K), natural white (4000-4500K), and white (5500-6500K). However, on some special occasions, such as jewelry stores, it is necessary to use cool white (7000-8500K).