It is not easy to have a chance to spend a nice Holiday especially for the staff in the companies or factories. Now May Day is coming around the corner and it is a good chance for people to relax. If you read the newspaper everyday or care about the international news in the internet or in the television, you may know that earthquake recently interrupts Chinese people’s life and they are suffering from the hard life in China without enough food. Many people in the world begin to make a donation for the victims. And on April, 27 all the people in Sichuan Province would observe a three-minute silence for mourning the quake victims in the big earthquake. So it seems difficult for people to have a nice time during May Day. Many people would think that those people in the earthquake area don’t have many necessities even the simple LED fluorescent, so there is no reason for us to have a good time.


 Don’t have this opinion even you are lucky to enjoy your life now. In fact there is something important for us to do. There are many charitable activities in the cities for you to do if you want to show your care and love to the victims. You can send some money to buy the LED Fluorescent Tube. Don’t imagine that you would go to the earthquake to send some clothes and money to them because it may bring much trouble to the worker on the spot. We all know that lightings are very important with the passage of time. You require lights while carrying out all the activities especially after the fall of darkness and so does the victims.


  There are many useful LED Fluorescent Bulbs in the market now which are not mainly used for decoration. Besides money, you can do something else for those people who lose their houses. You can collect all useful information about how to rebuild their hometown or how to be confident after losing families. It is necessary for them to calm down. Many people may lose their parents or daughters or sons, they would feel disappointed and hopeless to life. So it is very important for everyone else to take some measures to give more love at this time.


 In order to enrich your ordinary life, you can also stay at home to learn more useful information about how to survive in big disaster. This is a good way for you to help yourself and others when you are in danger. Remember to use the LED Fluorescent Replacement instead of the common lights. It is low power and energy saving lighting. It does little harm when the disaster arrives. Three-day-off is not too long but it is enough for you to learn much about the useful knowledge.