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What is the Product Testers Program for?


We would like to hear valuable insights into our products from people like you! You're Invited Be Our Product Tester and all Products Are Free. And you can get products tested at home. 


What do product testers do?


After receiving the item to review, you’ll use it as you ordinarily would while paying careful attention to your experience.
And once you finish the test, please left your kind comment.


What is the procedure of the Product Testers Program?


1. Choose the products that interesting to you at pages: Free Products - U.S. Stock (only for U.S. address) or Free Products - U.K. Stock (only for U.K. address).
2. Click the "Get a quote" button to apply for testing (you also can send email to [email protected] or chat with our online sales)
3. You will receive a reply with detailed information within 24 hours. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder, or try WhatsApp +86-133 3296 4662
4. The email sent to you with instruction. Please follow the instruction to complete the order, and the product will deliver to you locally very soon.
5. Once you finish the test procedure, please send confirmation back to us, then we will refund you all the money.


If I do not live in the U.S. or U.K., can I get the free products?


No. you can't, sorry that now we only open free products test for the U.S. and U.K.  More countries are going to open in the future, please subscribe, and will keep you posted.


How can you guarantee I can get the money back?


No need to worry about this at all. We have 7*24 online chat, and we only let you test products at our other sales channel, if we don't return your money, you can complain on the platform, even call your credit company to pull money back.


How many products can I get for free?


One product (QTY.1) per each subscriber each time. You can return to apply for testing another product after finish the first one. 


If the products not good, do I need do anything that reluctant to do?


No, we only want get your honest opinion to help other customers or help us to improve our products.